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Transform Your Cleaning Process


Heat Treat

Heat treating involves adding heat to metal alloys to strengthen them. To reduce safety risks and increase product quality, it is essential to remove tramp oils and quench oils from the work pieces.

Metal Finishing

Metal finishing includes plating, coating, and painting, Oil must be completely removed from the work piece in order to reduce the risk for striations and provide a uniform coating.

Coolant Reconditioning

Suparator can separate not only oil and water, but any two fluids of different densities. For example, coolant oil that is used throughout the factory can be reconditioned through Suparator and reused.

High Purity Separation

Our most recent application area! Essential oils such as peppermint and oregano are extracted through steam treatment. Suparator can recover these oils with 99% efficiency!

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How Suparator Works

Suparator is a robust yet simple product that can mechanically separate not only oil and water, but really any two fluids of different densities. Using the same principal that makes airplanes fly, it pulls denser fluid underneath a series of weirs (aka wings) allowing the less dense fluid to collect at the top.

The less dense fluid concentrates more and more after each weir and is collected for reuse or waste. This processcould separate the thinnest layer of oil -like the rainbow sheen you see in a parking lot after a rainstorm.

Suparator does not require any consumables or media and only requires minimal energy -it can be powered by a standard outlet. It is a side stream process, so it does not require any significant re-design or process engineering.