Technology - Suparskim

Technology — Suparskim


Suparskim® skimmers are designed to take off the top layer from the target tank and are an essential component in the Skim & Treat method. Because the Suparator performs best with higher flows, the Suparskim is designed to collect the top ¼” of fluid. Higher flows prevent any clogging in the pipes or hoses and keeps the target tank oil film free. Suparskim® skimmers come in fixed-mounted and floating versions to accommodate for any level variation. When it comes to contamination control, it is critical to have the flexibility to adapt to all types of applications. Suparskim® provides this flexibility and is very easily integrated into your existing system.


How it works

Through this principle, the skimmer will approach steady state, where the flow into the trough equals the flow taken out. 

This principle also allows the skimmer to handle larger material floating in the tank. If a larger piece of materials is preventing flow into the skimmer, the skimmer trough will empty and tilt forward to “eat” the clump.

As long as the level is within the range of the skimmer, the surface layer from the tank or bath will run off into the skimmer trough.

Suparskim Principle in Action