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Series 84
The 84 series are meant for more demanding applications and processing of larger volumes. V-bottom configurations allowed for a higher solids loading.

Series 86
Series 86 units are the most common and versatile systems and are used in a vareity of industries and applications.

Series 88
The series 88 systems have the largest capacity of the Suparator product range. The 88 series units do not require a constant incoming flow and are designed for direct feed.

Series 89
Series 89 are the smallest units for low volume or low contamination applications.

Suparator oil removal systems are a low‐maintenance and highly effective means for contamination control. The system includes a stainless steel skimmer or pick‐up head, a transfer pump, and a stainless steel separation tank.

Flow through the separation tank is designed to concentrate oil through a series of small weirs and separate it at 99% efficiency into an oil drum. Operating at a higher flow eliminates clogging in any transfer lines, decreases sedimentation in the separation tank, and reduces contact time between oil and water. This system operates continuously maintaining the bath oil‐film free and eliminating the redeposition of oil onto clean parts.

Suparator systems come in various sizes depending on the application. We have four different product series and multiple tank sizes for each series. See the photos above? for examples of each product series. Call our office today to determine which tank configuration is most appropriate for your application, or fill out our online questionnaire for a custom quotation.


Popular Questions

Suparator is a side stream process that removes 99% of oil within minutes of it being introduced to water. By removing oil quickly, they do not interfere with cleaning chemistry and wash water can be reused for longer periods of time. Customers report lengthening their bath life from days to months!

Our skimmers are designed for high flow, removing the top quarter inch of the wash tank surface. By continuously removing this top layer, the surface is kept oil film free. This leaves no opportunity for oil to redeposit on the cleaned parts. 

The longer oil spends in contact with water, the more of a problem it creates. Over time, oil starts to degrade in the water and causes an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. The result is this an odorous black waste that is very hard to treat. While most preach increased residence time to separate oil and water, typical oil water separators (aka holding tanks) only cause more issues. Other suggest using some sort of media to collect oil – as you can imagine, this provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

Suparator is a side stream process that removes 99% of oil within minutes of it being introduced to water. No media, no moving parts, no chemicals, no stink. The separated oil can be reused or discarded before it causes any further problems in waste treatment for your product line.

  1. Decreased product quality – Oil becomes entrained in your solution and is redeposited on the work piece.
  2. Increased water footprint – Oily washwater is dumped frequently and replaced with clean wash solution.
  3. Increased down time – Every time a washer is dumped and cleaned, production stops.
  4. Increased operation costs – More water means more chemicals and more energy to pump and reheat.
  5. Increased Odors – Since oils are an organic, they can sustain biologic growth. This causes odor and the mass generated can clog filter media prematurely.