Coolant Reconditioning

Coolant Recycling

Coolant and Drawing lubricant reservoirs become contaminated with tramp oils from the actuators and material handling components of their operations. In addition, raw materials, such as sheet stock being fed into a deep draw operation, have mill oils on it that will eventually contaminate the coolant solution. These oils limit the effective lifetime of these expensive metal working fluids by encouraging bacterial growth, algae and fungi, and disassociation of the lubricants from the coolant mixture.

In addition to limiting metal working fluid life, some of these materials can cause workplace hazards including dermatitis and foul odor. With no moving parts and no media, Suparator systems are perfectly positioned to address these issues in this demanding environment. With high solids (both dirt and removed work material), high pressure pumps, and many different types of contamination found in coolant recycling, special care has to be taken in oil removal system design to account for these complexing factors.

Suparator has both the experience and the technology to solve these issues to reduce overall metal working fluid consumption and reduce waste volumes by removing tramp oils continuously and allowing subsequent filtration, bio-control, and processes to work better.